Monday, April 30, 2007

How Rentacoder Staff Spams Technorati 3

Rentacoder staff refined their methods to spam technorati but it is obvious that there are more posts after I published my opinion

Now they post less dummy postings but probably they make different registrations as different blogger to write advertisements about rentacoder

Please be warned:
When dealing with serious projects rentacoder staff make mistakes. And they are proficient to blame someone else. Read more about my experience with rentacoder here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kaman - the phrase "rentacoder staff is proficient to blame someone else captured my eye" and it hits my head like hard rock. How true is that claim!!!

Either takes pride in recruiting stuck up bitches or they attract stupids who impose as professionals. Or could it be that they train their staff to be pathetic as they stand today? As far as my experience goes, they have always been pathetic in this same way!

Whatever the true cause to staff's stupidity is - if the authorities do not do anything about them - the website will not go too far no matter how good Ian Ippolito's vision and intentions are.