Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Conclusion: With Serious Projects Rentacoder Staff Is INCREDIBLY STUPID

With serious projects rentacoder staff is INCREDIBLY STUPID and they are proficient to blame someone else.
Perfect examples in the articles here.
Please help me to give them a lesson.
They lie even with the slogan of the site


TheLastSaint00 said...


Please ask these questions from RentACoder on every forum. It will reveal facts they are hiding.

1. shows project complete in a month.
Where can I see total projects posted, cancelled, awarded and expired (not-awarded to anyone)?
2. What was the dollar amount of these projects? How many were less than $100, between $100-$500 and more than $500.
3. I can see number of coders (178,000+), it includes those banned from sites and closed accounts? How many of these coders login in a week or month?
4. How many projects went into arbitration? Who win arbitration, coder or buyer (complete stats)?
5. Where is the link to check arbitration details to know whether it was a fare or in favor of buyer as complained by many coders?

kamen said...

well rentacoder staff have access to the database and they may post fake info about your questions

I recommend you to use the evidences in the texts that I have. With these texts I hope it is crystal clear that rentacoder staff lie even with their slogan and they are incredibly stupid with serious projects

Anonymous said...

Move to, ditch RAC, they are worthless.

kamen said...

Anonymous: yes I know that rentacoder is site for patches and the dummies in rac staff are incredibly stupid...

It is fair to warn everyone...

Michelle said...

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