Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another dishonest person trying to defend rentacoder?

Probably Thomas Hruska is another dishonest person hired by rentacoder staff to make attempts to hide the truth and to bark against me?

When I explained him that I'm right he deleted my comments and said that I'm weird.
Probably is difficult for him to admit that he is not right, this pattern is similar to the behaviour of rentacoder staff... :-)

Very funny, it is interesting how much rentacoder staff pays for this.

If rentacoder staff had invested in education they would not had now problems with the truth and facts

Every wise man can confirm that I'm right and it is fair to warn all buyers and coders



SwordMouth said...


I have made a post on my blog regarding that RAC post-reply you made. you might want to have a look at it!!

Anonymous said...

Your right.

RAC's arbitrators are really bad.

Nearly every time something goes into arbitration they say. 'Since this is a technical problem I need to get an arbitrator that can deal with this.'

Why the hell are they still employed then?

By the way kamen, you need SEO?
More people should now what its really like.
Even if the problem is that the buyer no longer want to continue with the project, and the coder agrees I still get that.

RAC's arbitrators are horrendously bad.

This is a fact: If you make a small 'mistake' you will get the same punishment as you would for a big 'mistake'.

98% of the time, the arbitrator has made a mistake and is just conversing their ass by giving the buyer his cash and closing it asap.

They are lazy, they shy away for responsibility and they are totally biased.

kamen said...

in the article 'very funny link that I found' I show excellent example proving that the owner of RAC is too stupid to deal with serious projects
And he is senior arbitrator
So you can imagine mental abilities of junior arbitrators/his employees at RAC