Friday, August 24, 2007

Beware Of The Pitfalls Of Rentacoder

If someone tries to make serious project he will stumble in the incredible stupidity of rentacoder staff.
People interested to make serious projects have to go far away from rentacoder.

This is perfect evidence:
TASK TITLE: outline major mistakes of rentacoder staff during years
ACHIEVED GOAL: created perfect evidence
EVIDENCE OF: the dummies in rentacoder staff do not understand more than several words plain English and they are proficient to blame someone else
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: the dummies in rentacoder staff can not understand the PERFECT documentation of IIS/ASP during years. And they blame Microsoft. But the real problem is the endless stupidity of rentacoder staff
SIDE EFFECT: this task proves that I have much more skills and experience than the liars in rentacoder staff.

The behaviour of rentacoder staff is similar to

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rentacoder Staff Are Professional Liars

It is fair to warn everyone about the pitfalls with rentacoder
With bigger/serious projects rentacoder staff are INCREDIBLY STUPID PROFESSIONAL LIARS
They lie even with their slogan
The DUMMIES in rentacoder staff are proficient to blame someone else( Microsoft, me, anyone ) and they try to hide facts with lies
Rentacoder is shame for the business
Rentacoder staff and some of their "buyers" try to make money from dishonest exploitation
PERFECT evidences and more details in the articles here
The behaviour of rentacoder staff is similar to