Friday, March 2, 2007

There is very interesting web site called rentacoder with slogan "how software gets done"

I had funny negative experience with them

I watched this site for years and I noticed that majority of the projects done are for several hundreds
Every experienced will tell that is not possible to make serious software for so low cost
For several hundreds can be done patch. So rentacoder are not doing software, they are making patches
So the right slogan of rentacoder is "how patches get done"

Rentacoder team promises fair arbitration. It's interesting how can I expect fair arbitration from company lying even with they slogan :-)?

Because they have skills to make only patches they turn every bigger project into patch and of course this way they spoil it( with endless stupidity). And they try to blame someone else for this. They tried to blame me saying that I'm insulter. Very funny. Every ordinary wise man will confirm that I'm right and will laugh at their site, their way of working and their illusions. Every wise man can confirm that I'm not insulter, I'm just ordinary wise man

There are more details and good example at:
This is my "conversation" with famous coder on rentacoder
it's interesting to see how he tries to hide the truth with insults and inconsistent statements in more than 100 comments.
When he sees that nobody believes he finally gives up
This example clearly shows the way of working with rentacoder: they are dreamers living in world of illusions and try to blame someone else
Their behaviour reminds the sad story of GM and Ford: The decline of Detroit

So be forewarned, rentacoder team turns every bigger project into patch and this way they spoil it
rentacoder may be perfect only for projects up to several hundreds(patches)

please note rentacoder team have access to the database and they may post fake projects on their site in attempt to escape

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