Saturday, March 24, 2007

How Rentacoder Team Tried To Escape

Brief description

1) They said that I don't have sufficient English skills and this is the problem in their arbitration
I use plain English and almost everyone can understand
If something is not clear easy can be clarified with additional comments
Rentacoder team needed FOUR months to understand FOUR words in context, they even can't open ordinary web application in MS Visual Studio

Obviously the real problem is mental abilities of rentacoder team

It seems that they are not able to understand more then several words plain English and simple technical tasks are beyond their technical skills

2) They said that I'm insulter

Actually I do not provide unlimited free lessons, I do not replace seminars about MS Visual Studio and I do not teach how to understand more than several sentences plain English

So the real problem again is mental abilities of rentacoder team

3) Rentacoder team employed "famous coder" TakeReal/Sergey to defend them in "conversation" on google groups
TakeReal/Sergey thinks like a dog: since rentacoder is source of money for food this means that rentacoder is perfect, also he and rentacoder team think that barking and inconsistent statements will prove that they are right
Actually this "famous coder" is making small patches for prices lower than several hundreds
When he saw that his behaviour is transparent he gave up after 100 comments
After that rentacoder team used another coder making patches to bark against me: Mariano

Many people know that barking of a dog can not change facts, but obviously rentacoder team hoped that they can escape this way

Again we see mental abilities of rentacoder team

4) The slogan of rentacoder "how software gets done"
It's obvious that the majority of the projects on rentacoder site are up to several hundreds( they are making patches)
According to their slogan this is software
Probably for rentacoder team every software can be done for several hundreds
Every experienced can tell that is not possible to make serious software for so low cost
Again we see mental abilities of rentacoder team

There are more examples about rentacoder team mental abilities but I think this is enough

With so many examples it is easy to see why rentacoder team still do not realise that I do not agree they to blame me for their mistakes

But there are even "smarter" people. Excellent example is Paris Muller, the "buyer"
He even was not able to make detailed description of what is expected in the project
He used my description(with the same words) under another registration on another web site for other project
I explained him TWO times quite simple task(setup of windows NTFS security/access rights, done with several clicks) and he continued to ask again and again about the same issue
In attempt to hide the facts he complained that I'm insulting him, I asked him several times and he still was not able to explain how I'm insulting him. Obviously I insulted him with the fact that I do not provide unlimited free work and lessons...

My unambiguous conclusion is that rentacoder team and some of their buyers are excellent company suitable only for fun, jokes and some patches

There is only one problem with them: that they try to blame someone else, but with their mental abilities this is not surprise, I can understand

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