Monday, March 26, 2007

1 Link, another opinion confirming that I'm right

another opinion confirming that I'm right
rentacoder is shame for the international global marketplace


"s-poland said...
This is my first comment on RAC actually. I have been working there for 2 years now, bidding on "high paid" (above avg) projects.I disagree with some points brought up by the author.First: you should never bid on low paid projects. On RAC there is no problem to get high paid project with even no rating (read on).From my experience i know that people that pay very little are most demanding and most "unhappy" customers, requiring you to do thousand things that were not included in the initial bid spec. BUT: most (not all!) of the RAC's coders are lame uneducated noobs looking for "first rating" that are trying to do "ebay" or "youtube" clones for 50$ posted by another lame and greedy buyers that think "youtube looks simple". They have of course no idea how to code that ("youtube is free so i could get it written for $50, right?").Its really a shame that someone is taking projects like: $700 when single license for phplivesupport is $100 and the project (if written well) can be completed in 6m-1year by experienced coder.When competition is soo poor you can sound professional by even mentioning some text from bid request. I easily get $500 project @ start making only 3 bids! NOT quantity - QUALITY counts.@Ian: I agree that generic bids are just plain bad (it tells the customer that you have noting to say about the project or time to read REQ's / you eventually won't be able to finish it anyway).BUT: Placing a bid amount is A MUST on your site. Want to know why? Because of noobs that want thier job to get done for $1/hour (or less).Taking a week project to get 30$, then give 15% to RAC and dont even be able to get the money (Western Union is sooo expensive). Just to get a rating. That's just insulting. I bet you understand me here.I live in Poland, costs of living here are VERY LOW. Even taking that into account i couldnt earn a LOWEST COUNTRY WAGE sitting on your site and professionally doing IT work (it BTW takes much time, dedication and skill - i have 9.9 rating on 40 projects!). I could earn more as a street seller of hot-dogs.Why im still on RAC you ask? Because of 1/100 projects posted by honest people that want to give little but at least FAIR money for my hard work. They in return receive well tested, well written, stable and extensible code. What can be done for $1/hr? You can skip all testing, write some unstable, unmaintainable sh*t and still get eg. $8/hr.Then you see all those "(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost)", "90% finished", "fix it, almost done" bids for humorous $$. I firstly considered bids like that but now AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. I just saw some "90% done code" that people write on RAC. Hint: "search engine" with "one database table and working form to enter queries" working isnt anything near 90% completed.What is my overal experience @ RAC? Very good. Im doing ~1 project / month. WAITING for someone to post something thats even WORTH READING.RAC can't be considered anything near "full time job", "stable job", "fair paid job", etc. 99% of bids is by people that want thier projects done for 1-2$/hour. Professionally. They also want things not included in SPEC completely for free (0$/hr).RAC is a great place to come 2 times a day for 5 minutes, look for some SERIOUS clients, then make FAIR ($10-$20/hr) bid (as you must moderate costs of RAC fee and enormous costs of getting your money by WU).For the very hostile (towrards RAC) comments that can be found elsewhere:- "slave labour"- "silly coders"- "waste of time"I totally dont understand people that wrote this. First: You can find some fair paid job there - 1/100 bids as i mentoned. Second: If a buyer is trying to get a project done and he's choosing cheapest coder for $1/hr and then he whine about all coders on RAC being a bunch of script kiddies and code stealers... well the buyer being idiot is the problem.Last word for Ian: you should consider setting lowest bid request amount to $10. I think i must not explain why.Second: Please consider telling coders that making things that hasn't been mentioned on SPEC can get them better ranking (its written in coder help materials) as encouraging buyers to post "silly" spec and then wanting coders to work for free.
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