Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How I Became An Insulter On Rentacoder

I explained to the "buyer" Paris Muller several times technical issues and he still was not able to understand, he continued to ask for unlimited free lessons
The arbitrator on rentacoder was not able even to open ordinary web application in MS Visual Studio. He asked 3 times threatening that if I don't teach him free lessons about MS Visual Studio I'll lose the arbitration. Seminars about Visual Studio cost about 2000 USD, but there is very convenient way for the arbitrator to get free lesson from me. Why to pay 2000 USD to study Visual Studio when he can get free education from me?
Of course I do not provide unlimited free lessons. I recommended to the "buyer" and "arbitrator" go to study at proper place - university, seminars, etc. The owner of rentacoder was surprised. He was not able to understand how this is possible. He expected that I have to provide unlimited free lessons. And he decided that I'm insulter. I was banned on rentacoder for this. Very funny. Of course I'm not insulter. I'm just ordinary wise man

Rentacoder team proved that stupidity can not be beaten. But I don't worry about them. They are in excellent company because there are many people on rentacoder asking for clone of google for $100 (USD) or similar projects. Sometimes I can't stop laughing at their mental abilities :-)

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