Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rentacoder Is Shame For The Business

The mental abilities of rentacoder staff do not allow them to make more than patches(up to several hundreds)
They try to hide this fact with lies but it's obvious: rentacoder is site for patches and endless stupidity
The dummies in rentacoder staff and some of their "buyers" try to make money from dishonest exploitation
Rentacoder lie even with their slogan
PERFECT evidences in the articles here

Sergey I.Grachyov is rentacoder's dog
His mental abilities do not allow him to understand that I have PERFECT evidences confirming that I'm right
He thinks that rentacoder is perfect because rentacoder is source of food for him
Like every dog he can bark non stop
Please do not pay attention to him


Eli Bendersky said...

I will kindly ask you to stop bombarding my blog with insulting personal messages. Feel free to bash RAC on your website, though.

I will delete all further flame.

kamen said...

ok Eli Bendersky I will not overload your blog with my comments
I will post here

Do you agree with me that is fair to warn all users about the rentacoder's pitfalls?

Just look at Sergey I.Grachyov and see how funny he is. He is making small patches for several dollars and he calls them "projects". I'm not interested to make so small patches but I have years international experience outside rentacoder(I can provide references). At the same time Sergey I.Grachyov says that I do not have any completed projects. This is his another silly attempt to hide the truth. But it is fair to warn about the pitfalls with rentacoder